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Girl playing guitar
Man learning guitar

Which of these instruments do you own or you would like to learn?

Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar

Bass Guitar


Picking up an instrument and trying to learn on your own can be daunting. I can help you turn those long hours of finger-hurting practice into relaxing sessions that will leave you in a better mood.

The “beginner’s grind” is something we've all been through and we all dread. If we’re not careful we can get stuck in that purgatory for a long time and it's going to feel like an endless loop.

That’s why I devised a method to help you get out of it faster.

My goal is to guide you through the techniques required to play seamlessly or to correct the bad habits you may have picked up before we started working together.

Check out my courses and pricing plans and pick the one that's right for you.

Girl leaving guitar lesson


What works for you?

30 min TRIAL lesson


Try and see if you like it! No obligations.


Some logistic questions you may have before getting started

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